Sales Effectiveness Report

Master the Effectiveness of Your Retail Sales Force
The Sales Effectiveness Report is a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the effectiveness of your sales force.

It is the best answer to the question:  How much does the sales force actually contribute to your sales, revenues and margins? Quantitatively, It rigorously measures the degree your sales force contributes to revenue, profits and margins. Its measurements are based on analysisa of your sales data for your stores for a representative period of time.

Qualitatively, it anonymously surveys your sales force and field management team to gain a clear picture of their engagement, abilities, insights and observations.  Optionally, it asks the same questions of the management team so we can pinpoint the areas of agreement and disconnect.

We also do field work, meeting with selected managers and associates to provide even greater insight into the engagement, effectiveness and productivity of your sales force.

Project Description

  1. Transaction Analysis
    Analyze and summarize up to five years’ detailed transaction data for up to 10 stores*. Reports gross margin, net margin, revenue per selling hour, revenue per footfall, revenue by line-item count and price performance.
  2. Employee Survey
    Up to 15 questions. Anonymous Interview Executives, Sales Managers and Sales People. Assess employee morale, engagement, effectiveness, capability, confidence, management, tools and processes.
  3. Store Visits
    Visit up to 5 client-designated stores, up to 2 days per store. Observe and interview sales people and sales managers, attend sales meetings.
  4. Interviews
    Anonymous interview 2-4 salespeople per store; interview sales manager(s) during visit and by telephone. Interviews add color nuance and detail to the surey and data results.
  5. 40-page Written Report
    Includes key findings, transaction analysis results graphs, survey results, correlation of survey results with financial performance, high-level game plan to address major issues and opportunities.
    See Example
  6. 2-4 Hour in-person briefing, discussion and recommendations
    In-person present findings, show correlations, describe interviews and interpret results. Researcher will make recommendations based on the findings to include specific steps to be taken, and recommend resources to enable company to leverage the results into improved sales productivity.

*Additional stores optional
Have representative call
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Let Us Help

Consulting delivers the highest level of focus on business results.

RSI develops, documents, tests and delivers sales processes, sales resources, custom software development, documentation and customized training and custom reports and dashboards for your sales teams, sales managers, and executives.

With more than 15 years of sales process development, RSI is uniquely equipped to deliver effective results.


The implementation process gives new customers a successful start configuring, using and customizing the software. The implementation packages match your existing information resources and business processes to the capabilities, features and functions of the system. They provide the knowledge and resources your company needs to become effective administrators and end users of the mobile apps, the configuration consoles and the reports.

*Data Resource Assessment
We meet with your IT team to review, document and understand your data resources, their accessibility, your security protocols, your privacy policies, your level of CTI compliance and all restrictions and availabilities of your data resources.

*Business Process Review
Our consultants survey your store and sales managers to pinpoint the bottlenecks, obstacles and opportunities they see in your sales processes and resources. We survey your onboarding process, training and management protocols, and gauges of success.

* Custom Configuration
The implementation team translates your sales departments’ workflows directly into the RSI software. We securely interface with your POS systems, CRM systems, Loyalty systems as well as external resources to give salespeople quick access to the wealth of information they need to do their jobs.

* Training
System training helps new customers become familiar with the terminology and concepts of the software through live and remote training sessions. Sales manager training helps your sales managers truly become coaches for their team, with emphasis on how to use their quick access to real-time performance statistics. Salesperson training helps your salespeople learn how to utilize the system resources to win points, win rewards and win the Game of Sales.

*Smooth Transition to support
Upon completion of the implementation process, customers gain full access to Customer Support, and a copy of your unique configuration is stored on our secure servers so Support can quickly replicate, isolate and identify any issues as they come up.


The heart of RSI is its ability to draw data from a wide variety of network-addressable sources, resolve inconsistencies and bring it together in a coherent whole. Data silos are frustrating obstacles to almost all IT projects today, as companies struggle with point solutions that unite data from disparate sources.
Concert(tm), our unique integration technology platform is the product of more than five years development and deployment across nearly 50 shopping centers in numerous countries around the world. Its agent technology is well-developed and it has agents already in place for most popular POS systems.

Concert(tm) brings your data together to drive sales, revenues, margins and profits.

Training & Coaching

Let Us Help

RSI delivers training and coaching to make sure:

Your IT staff knows how to manage and extend the servers
Your managers and executives know how to access and utilize the dashboards and reports
Your salespeople know how to use the App and how to sell using Dance: The Game of Sales